In order to contribute to the awareness through ecological problems, we chose partners who commit themselves, as we do, guaranteeing care and attention to the environment around us.

As far as it concerns energy, our provider uses above all hydro and wind power plants, making efforts from his side also to try to preserve the planet.

We ensure, to not take advantages nor promote child labour and to respect labours rights by avoiding any kind of discrimination.

Our certificates:

Manifattura del Leone is committed in guaranteeing customers the best service and production quality.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Classe 1

To guarantee the high quality in raw materials and to protect the safety of the baby, our fabrics satisfy the highest standards requested to obtain Oeko-Tex Standard® 100 Class 1 certificate.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Classe 2

Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Fabrics strictly follow the standards UNI EN 20471, 13688, 1149, 11612, 14116, 13034, 4920, 16603, 14419, 12947, 20743.
Thanks to their important qualities, these fabrics get the award of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 2 certificate.

Certificato di Tracciabilità delle Camere di Commercio

Most of our Fabrics are produced or ennobled in Italy.

The whole production chain is guaranteed by the Traceability Certificate of Italian Chambers of Commerce, issued by Unionfiliere.


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