Production skill

Quality, research and development

Manifattura del Leone guarantees very high quality standards thanks to its wide experience in the field of fabrics production and finishing. Its commitment to research and development of new solutions for the most different requirements guarantees promptness and reliability of a qualified service.

Production skill Production skill Production skill

Our staff and our suppliers we all make every effort to offer our customers a constantly qualified service. We are always up to date with new technologies and developments in the field. Colors and designs are always in line with fashion trends and the needs of our client more and more sophisticated. Very personalized service is our everyday’s starting point and we follow step by step together with our customer the development of the product. We constantly try to impress on our customer the feeling of being serviced with efficiency and commitment strong points of Manifattura del Leone from the very beginning.

On top of everything we try not only to be bear suppliers of our customers, but partners in the development of the product and we consider essential to put at the disposal of our customer all our skill and experience with enthusiasm and competence.