Manifattura del Leone, our history

Company’s birth

Manifattura del Leone S.r.l. is leader in the production of fabrics relevant to kids, household items and professional work wear. Furthermore the Company specializes in craftsmanship of fabrics to customer specifications both in solid colors and designs.

High quality standards, production capability, commitment and attention to the client’s needs, makes Manifattura del Leone an important benchmark in the textile field.


Production ranges from bed linen, baby and children lingerie and wear, work wear, fabric items for kitchen, table cloths and bathroom as well as production of special and personalized articles.

Manifattura del Leone is fully devoted to research and development of new solutions for the most various requirements and offers promptness and reliability as well as an highly qualified service to satisfy your requests. All this brought Manifattura del Leone to achieve high results in quality and innovation in the production of fabrics.

Fabrics for the production of work wear suitable for the protection of specific risks on the working site as well as oil repelling, antistatic, fireproof, high visibility fabrics, ecc.

Fabrics for children beds, baby cots as well as children wear.

Pure cotton home fabrics for table clothes and bath robes and towels.

Promotional Articles: planning and tailoring of fabric items such as calendars, holders, silverware holders, aprons, table clothes, hot pads, towels, ecc.

The Company

Manifattura del Leone has been established in 1998 inheriting the experience of Messers Italo Viganotti S.p.a., textile company founded in 1933.


Production ranges from linen, lingerie, baby and kids wear, work wear, fabric items for kitchen, table and bathroom, craftsmanship of personalized articles.


High quality standards, production ability, attentive customer care makes our company a benchmark in our field.